Welcome to the new website for the Somali Women's Advisory Network - Soo Dhawoow!
Welcome to the Somali Women's Advisory Network

The Somali Women's Advisory Network SWAN is a community based voluntary organisation providing a range of educational and cultural services to Somali families in and around London. With over 13 years experience dealing with a variety of issues SWAN is able to work not only within the Somali community but also build bridges with the wider community.

"There appear to be few well established Somali groups, and those that exist (such as the Somali Women's Advisory Network) are pressed for time and resources."

SWAN has worked tirelessly over the years as a support and advocacy group, a small organisation with little funding SWAN has proven how crucial it is to the community it supports. Please read the full report Understanding East London's Somali Communities - A study conducted for the East London Alliance here, a crucial study into the Somali communities in London.

At a Glance - What do we do?

SWAN is committed to helping the Somali community in the UK. This means we work drawing from the expertise of our volunteers to provide services and advise on a range of topics.

Our key objectives are

  1. To encourage the establishment of thriving and empowered Somali community
  2. To work with all relevant service providers and professionals to offer sensitive services to the Somali community.
  3. To create a strong, pro-active partnership between existing Somali communities
  4. To raise educational achievements and opportunity of Somali students
  5. To create cultural understanding between Somali parents and children and the wider community
  6. To raise educational achievements and opportunity of Somali students